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Terracotta hanging planters. 

This product is handmade; slight variations can occur. Colours vary; some may be available exactly as shown in photos, but more colour options should be available in each restock. 

They come with ropes to hang them; please always double check knots before hanging for extra safety, as these pots (especially large ones) can be quite heavy. 

Please refer to last photo in this page to see what is currently available. 

In case of MISFITS, they will present warping or small cracks - to have a look, please check availability on Instagram @mai_accents (price may change depending on how imperfect the item is). 

Measurements & Weight:

Mini: 10cm opening / 500-800g

Tiny: 11.5cm opening / 800-1.3kg

Some pots may appear more squared, whilst others may be slimmer and taller, or shorter and wider, hence why provided measurements are not exact.

Material: terracotta (bisque + glazed on the outside)

Handmade in the United Kingdom.