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The Tomodachi pot is always smiling, on the lookout for its new best friend. 

This product is handmade; slight variations can occur. Colours vary; some may be available exactly as shown in photos, but more colour options should be available in each restock. 

In case of MISFITS, they will present warping or small cracks - to have a look, please check availability on Instagram @mai_accents (price may change depending on how imperfect the item is). 

Measurements & Weight:

Tiny: 6-9cm / 400 - 700g

Regular: 10-15cm / 700g -1kg

Some pots may appear more squared, whilst others may be slimmer and taller, or shorter and wider, hence why provided measurements are not exact.

Material: stoneware (bisque + glaze)

Handmade in the United Kingdom.