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Dainty chocker with a star and two moons with faces.

Available in: white; yellow; mixed. 

Measurements: 36cm chain + 4cm hoops to adjust (40cm in total)

Weight: 3g

Size is adjustable.

Care: Maì jewellery is made from solid gold (not filled or plated). This means your jewellery can be worn daily, an be exposed to water, without the risk of discolouring. There is no nickel in our jewellery. Real gold is fairly soft yet very durable - light scratches can occur; when not worn, store away your fine jewellery in the box with velvet cushions it comes with.

Note that white gold jewellery is dipped into a solution to achieve the colour; this could eventually fade to yellow after years of wear. Your local jewellery store can re-dip it for you, if necessary, to bring it back to a shiny white.

Handmade in Italy.