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A mountain with some dripping snow. 

Use this as a vase, a pencil holder, or to hold your succulents. 

This product is handmade; slight variations can occur. Current colour option is light blue (different shades available). 

Please refer to last photo in this page to see what is currently available. 

In case of MISFITS, they will present warping or small cracks - to have a look, please check availability on Instagram @mai_accents (price may change depending on how imperfect the item is). 

Measurements & Weight:

Tiny size is around 10cm tall x 8cm wide, weighting 350g to 450g. 

Regular is anything above 12cm tall. 

Some vases may appear slimmer and taller, whilst others may be chunkier and shorter - hence why provided measurements are not exact.

Note: eyes have been glazed and fired. To achieve a more defined look, they may have been painted on and sealed with a top coat - this is waterproof, but do not scratch or scrape the surface to avoid fading the top layer of paint.

Material: stoneware (bisque + glaze)

Handmade in the United Kingdom.