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Friendly or confused, these watering cans can not only be a useful tool to water your indoor plants, but also turn into small vases if needed. 

This product is handmade; slight variations can occur. Measurements and glazes are similar but not an exact match from what shown in the picture.

Note: eyes have been glazed and fired. To achieve a more defined look, they may have been painted on and sealed with a top coat - this is waterproof, but do not scratch or scrape the surface to avoid fading the top layer of paint.

In case of MISFITS, they will present warping or small cracks - to have a look, please check availability on Instagram @mai_accents (price may change depending on how imperfect the item is). 


Tiny: approx 11cm-14cm tall x 7.5cm-9cm wide at the bottom, tapered on the top (+ 3cm handle and 4cm nozzle) - contains 150ml-300ml

Regular: approx 15cm-20cm tall x 9cm-12cm wide at the bottom, tapered on the top (+ 3cm handle and 3cm nozzle) - contains 350ml-600ml


Tiny: approx 500g

Regular: approx 900g

Material: stoneware (bisque + glaze)

Handmade in the United Kingdom.